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We collect a one-time registration fee of $50.00 per student, 4-lessons deposit per subject registered as well as 4-lessons fees per subject for the initial payment.

The deposit collected is to be used to offset the last 4 lessons should student decide to withdraw from tuition.

For trial students, a payment of 2 lessons is required.

Lesson Fees are charged monthly and payments has to be made by the 14th of each month. A late payment charge of $10 will be incurred if payment is not settled by the due date.

As lessons are charged monthly, if there are 5 weeks in a month, Aspen will prorate the fees accordingly and inform you at the start of each month.

For example:
4 lessons cost $330.00. 5 lessons will then cost $(330.00/4) x 5 = $412.50

Payments are to be made via PAYNOW only, to the UEN provided at the point of registration.

Screenshot of payments are to be sent in to us so that we could confirm and verify your payment has been made.


If your child were to start lessons mid-month, we will still collect the lesson fees for 4 lessons for the first initial payment.

For the following month, we will prorate your fees accordingly and you will only need to pay the remaining weeks left in that month. Subsequent months, we will collect payment at every beginning of the month.

We offer students a trial period of 2-paid lessons. Student will be able to try out the lesson for 2 weeks before deciding if they would like to continue lessons regularly.

The registration fee, subject deposit and remaining lesson fees will be charged only if they decide to continue the lessons after the trial.

All our lessons are conducted via hybrid mode. Students can decide if they want to come onsite for lessons, or attend it online via zoom.

We specialize in mathematics and all science subjects from Primary 5 to Junior College levels.

Our secondary classes mostly caters for IP/IB/Express students. 

Lessons are conducted weekly, including public holidays as well as the March, June & September school holidays.

Due to the highly-customized classes in Aspen, there will not be any make-up/replacement classes for any missed lessons. However, all our lessons in Aspen are recorded. As such, student can request for the lesson recording should they miss any lesson.

For specialized classes which have an alternative timeslot, do check with us if a replacement is available.

If your child wants to withdraw from his/her class, he/she needs to fill in the withdrawal form and submit it to the centre.

Withdrawals will only be effective upon the receival of the completed form by us, followed by student serving 4 lessons as notice period.

The subject deposit that student has paid during their registration, will be used to offset the last 4 lessons.

If our existing class schedules and time-slots are not suitable for your child, do not fret! 

If your child has 3 other friends who are keen on the same class, do contact us to arrange for a new class*!

*Subjected to tutor and classroom availability